Monday, October 16, 2017

Library News

Book Club met recently with an author visit. We are continuing to read books by Jason Reynolds and will also read Wishtree by Katherine Applegate. Our next book club meeting is November 1st. New members are welcome at any time.


We’re stretching Teen Read Week out for another week since the 6th graders were out last week. Be sure to stop in the library and check out all the new books that have been added recently, and make sure you have something good to read. See Ms. Gilchrist if you need a recommendation.


Girls Who Code Meeting Today

Girls Who Code will be meeting today MONDAY 10/16/17 at lunch in room 17! 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Tech Survey

7th and 8th graders please check your email for a tech survey from Mr. Hager. We have only had less than half of you fill this out. Please fill this out as soon as possible.

Air Quality

Good Morning Crocker!
Today’s Air Quality Action Plan -
The Superintendent has instructed all schools to follow the same plan as yesterday, which means recess and lunchtime will follow the same protocols as yesterday.
Recess Today – no activity on the blacktop.
Lunch – in the MPR or PAR
Lunch Recess: MPR, PAR, Library, Lecture Hall, Club Ed, Computer Lab, and any willing teachers who open their classes up for this time.
Please remember this is a small inconvenience compared to the tragic loss the fires have caused throughout State. So let’s embrace this small sacrifice with composure and a positive attitudeJ
Happy Friday!
Dr. Adams

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Flag Football

Flag Football for today 10/12 is CANCELLED due to poor air quality


Cross Country

Due to poor air quality Cross Country for today 10/12 is CANCELLED


Yoga Club

Want to de-stress or just want to learn something new? Come to Crocker’s very first yoga club meeting on Thursday, October 19! No materials or prior knowledge are needed, and all staff and grades are welcome! Join us in the PAR at lunch recess!




Air Quality

Good Morning Crocker

It was difficult for everyone yesterday not having outside time during lunch and I am sorry that decision needed to be made. I wish I could be optimistic about today’s recess and lunch time, but sadly the air quality is starting out worst today than yesterday. Therefore, I am planning at this point in time for an indoor recess and lunch time.

I am open for students to be outside after 2nd period and before 3rd; however, not to play games on the blacktop unless the air quality improves. I will make an announcement before recess as to the status of the air quality.

Unless things change drastically, you will need to eat your lunch in the MPR, PAR, an available classroom, or Club ED room 20. Teachers who are willing to have their classrooms open for lunch please let me know so I can announce the rooms on HTV.

You will need to stay in your selected eating area until the bell rings. At that time you may go to the Library, Lecture Hall, Computer Lab, Club ED room 20, other available classrooms that are announced on HTV, or stay in the MPR and PAR rooms.

I am so sorry to have these restrictions. Bottom-line the decision is about your health. Keeping you safe and healthy while at school is a top priority.

Let’s also keep a healthy perspective …we are only dealing with residual smoke when many, many, many families are grieving great losses due to the fire. I think we might take some reflective time during our inside time to think about how we can help the families who have been most affected by fires.

Thank you!

Dr. Adams

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Hillsborough Recreation is going to cancel the flag football games and practices today due to the current and forecasted air quality.


Library News

In honor of Teen Read Week, the library is hosting a special event at lunch today. Bring your lunch at the beginning of lunch and enjoy quiet reading and writing time. Ms. Gilchrist will lead a writing activity for those who are interested, but you can also just enjoy your time to read for fun. Teachers, feel free to join us too if you’d like. Be sure to stop in at  morning recess and see all the new books that are on display. Find something fun to read this week during Teen Read Week.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Flag Football and Cross Country

In an abundance of caution, we are cancelling our outdoor Hillsborough Recreation activities this afternoon (Flag Football and Cross Country). We are concerned with students engaging in prolonged outdoor exertion due to the air quality in the area. We plan to return to our full schedule of activities tomorrow, unless otherwise notified


Digital Citizenship - Lesson 1

Dear Students,

Throughout this year we will be doing some work learning about digital citizenship and exploring technology usage in our lives. This month (October) in your English class you will think and talk about the question:  “What is the place of digital media in your life?”

We need to collect some data from you about how you use digital media. Please fill out this form as carefully and honestly as possible. Your answers will not get you or anyone else in trouble. Just try to answer every question as truthfully as possible. During our lesson in English, we will take a look at this data and gain some insight into how our students (and staff) are using technology.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Teen Read Week is here!!!

This week is Teen Read Week, a week devoted to promoting reading for fun. There are tons of new books in the library. Come check out the new books and the teacher recommendations and find something good to read.


This year’s theme is Unleash Your Story. Look for good biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, and character-driven stories. There are many recommendations in the library. As a special treat this week, the library will be closed Wednesday and Thursday at lunch for quiet reading and writing only. You can bring your lunch and eat while you read. Ms. Gilchrist will lead a fun writing activity for those who are interested, or you can just enjoy your own reading or writing time.


6th graders- you’ll have your own special day next Monday when you are back at school.


Be sure to “Get Caught Reading”, Crocker!!


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Library News- TRW

Teen Read Week  is coming next week. This is a week that celebrates reading for fun. This year’s theme is “Unleash Your Story,” so look for recommendations that focus on memoirs, biographies and autobiographies and character driven stories. Check out the wall of teacher recommendations along the check-out counter. There are some special events planned, as well. Wednesday the 11th and Thursday the 12th, the library will be reserved for quiet reading and writing. Ms. Gilchrist will lead a writing activity both days for those who are interested, or you can just sit quietly and read while eating your lunch. Bring your lunch at the beginning of lunch. 6th graders- don’t worry, you will have a special day reserved for you Monday the 16th when you are back from Outdoor Ed. Make sure you have a fun book to read during Teen Read Week!!!



Library News

Today is Overdue Day. Please turn in or renew your late library books before lunch.