Wednesday, August 21, 2019

6th graders do you need help or tips opening your locker?

Mrs. O'Connor will be out by the 6th grade lockers during 6th period FLEX to help you open your locker and give you tips. See you there! 😀

Fwd: Start your Community Service !

 Hi Crocker students, and welcome back!   This year, we hope to have everyone participate in Community Service.  A good rule of thumb is volunteering about 2 -3 hours per month.  Check out the Community Service Bulletin Board (near Ms. Slater's office) for cool ways to perform your volunteer hours!    You can always go find your own events to volunteer, but our bulletin board is also a good resource!

You will receive a copy of the Community Service Handbook next week in your homeroom classes, or come see Ms. Fairchild in Room 15!  Remember, we are counting on you to meet at least the minimum requirement!

6th grade        10 volunteer hours
7th grade        15 volunteer hours
8th grade        20 volunteer hours

Think about becoming a Comm Service homeroom rep this year to earn hours, too!

Ms. Fairchild

Today's schedule

  Wednesday, August 21 (First Day of School Blue Day)

Period 1 8:30-8:54
            2 8:58-9:22
            3 9:26-9:50
Recess 9:50-10:05
             4 10:09-10:33
              5 10:37-11:01
              6 11:05:-11:29
All School Assembly 11:33-12:00  


Dave Miller

Assistant Principal, Crocker Middle School

(650) 548-4243

Monday, June 10, 2019

Lost and Found

Students, please be sure to check the lost and found located next to the school office.  

All of the items will be packed up on Wednesday after morning recess and donated.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Fwd: Popsickle Sale Friday after school!


Google Transfer - 8th Graders

8th Graders - Google Transfer has been fixed!

You can transfer your Google content to your personal Google account follow the directions here:

If you don't have a personal Google account and don't want to make one, you can download the contents to your home computer here:

If you have problems with any of the above check this page for answers:

We will not delete your account until summer so please do this in the next couple weeks. You can do this by logging into your account on your home computer.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Student Store Closed & No Bagels Next Wednesday

Dear Crocker,

The Student Store is out of EVERYTHING and it will not be open the rest of the year.

There will not be bagels sold the last week of school.

Library News

All Battle of the Books Judges, please join Ms. Gilchrist in the library tomorrow at the beginning of lunch. Bring  your food and hang out with the other judges. We will start right after HTV, so we can all see the dodgeball game at lunch recess.

All library materials are due. If you want your yearbook on time, you must clear your library account, turn in all your textbooks and turn in all your Chromebook parts.

8th Grade Survey

Dear 8th Graders,

Last night, I send you a link to a survey. Please make sure you take a minute and do it first thing this morning.  You will be turning in your Chromebooks during your English classes so we need to get the survey done before that.

Thank you,

Dr. Adams.  


Good Morning Crocker!

Today we will have visitors!  The 5th graders will be participating in WEB Day at Crocker.  If you see them on campus –please extend a warm welcome.  At Lunchtime, Crocker students will eat outside because some of the WEB groups will be eating in the MPR.

Also, tonight is Open House!  I am looking forward to celebrating our year with your families!  

Have a great day,

Dr. Adams

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Teachers vs Students Dodgeball Game- Friday at Lunch

All of Crocker is invited to watch dodgeball games between teachers and students.
This was an HSF auction item won by 6th grader Saahil M.
This event will take place at lunch recess on Friday in the gym.
Some lucky audience members are going to invited to play in the game.
This is something you will not want to miss.

Fwd: Great Crocker PICNIC Day Tuesday!

Thank you for supporting Crocker's Community Service!

Popsickle Sale Friday after school!


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Great Crocker PICNIC Day Tuesday!

Thank you for supporting Crocker's Community Service!

Library Closed today

The library is closed today during lunch due to the all school picnic. The library is also closed from 1:45 to the end of the day today because Ms. Gilchrist is in a training for our new library system.

Don't forget to turn in all your library books. Check your email to see if you have an overdue notice from Ms. Gilchrist.