Monday, December 17, 2018

Library News

Book Club will meet this Wednesday at lunch in the library. We are reading The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle by Leslie Connor. Come join us. It’s OK if you didn’t read the book.


Get pumped, Crocker! Round one of the Geography Bee is this Friday, during 1st period. No need to study, but if you want to test your geography knowledge, you can play Geography Games here or grab a blue packet off the library counter. See Ms. Gilchrist if you have any questions.


Superhero books are on display, and there are tons of new books in the library. Make sure you have something good to read over winter break. Be sure to turn in your late library books before vacation, so you don’t forget about them while on break. You can renew if you need more time.


Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code will meet today at lunch in room 17!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Geography Bee News

Get pumped, Crocker. The Geography Bee is coming. First period classes will  hold round one of the Geography Bee next Friday, 12/21 before the fly-offs. No need to study, but  if you want to, pick up a blue packet from the library counter. See Ms. Gilchrist if you have any questions about the Geo Bee.


Library News

Since today is Superhero Day, there are superhero books on display. Come in and check one out at morning recess today.

Since it is a Spirit Day Friday, the library will be closed at lunch recess. Go cheer on your grade at class competition!!

If you need to check out a book for your weekend reading, Ms. Gilchrist will be in the library for a few minutes after school.


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mr. Hager Out This Morning

Mr. Hager is out and the computer lab will be closed for both morning and lunch recesses.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Design Club Today at Lunch

Stop by at lunch to learn about our current projects.


Students are designing ornaments to 3d print.


We are building a robot prop, and we will continue to plan our video project.



See you today in Lab 5A Mr. Bounds’ room today.

Lunch Lab Lottery

Gaming Students,

Remember, today is the first day we will be doing a lottery for computer lab entrance. Fill out this form and get to go in with the first group. Those who have not signed up will be allowed to go in after the those who have signed up for the lottery.

You no longer have to line up at the stairs. Just come up the blue/gold table stairway when the bell rings and Mr. Hager will call the names to enter.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Library News

The Burlingame Public Library has two opportunities for you. See Ms. Gilchrist if you have questions on either program.

There are tons of new books in the library right now. Make sure to turn in your late books and take something new to read over winter break.


For All Ages- babies to adults

Winter Reading Challenge- read for 15 days over the break and win raffle tickets for lots of cool prizes

Click here for more information

You can pick up a reading log at your local public library or download one on their website.

It started on December 1st and runs through January 12th.


For 8th graders only

Homework Center Mentors Needed!

Teens (grade 8-12) wanted to help younger students (grades 1-6) who are struggling with school work! Excellent community service opportunity! For more information, requirements, and application (DUE 12/28/18) click here:   




Lab Lunch Lottery

Recently there have been behavior issues with students waiting to go up to the computer lab for lunch recess. Some students have been pushing to the front of the line, running to get seats and saving seats for friends.

To make it more fair, there will be a sign up and lottery system to enter the computer lab at lunch. There will be a daily sign up form to submit your name before the lunch recess bell rings. The form is here. You can also find it on your Chromebook HCSD bookmarks.

Please follow these rules:
  • All students must wait at the BOTTOM of the stairs by the blue and gold tables until the bell rings.
  • Students may NOT come up the stairs by the band room and get into the computer lab
  • While waiting for the bell to ring stand in line and don't "take cuts" in front of others
  • When the bell rings walk upstairs
  • Line up respectfully and names of students who signed up will be announced to go into the lab first
  • After all students who signed up go in, other students may enter
*Some days names will be read from top down and other days bottom up
*Students who sign up twice in one day will be disqualified for the lottery

Video Explanation:

Video Games in the Computer Lab

Appropriate video game playing is allowed in the computer lab on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Recently, the popularity of has caused many behavior issues and therefore this game will be blocked on our network. If playing games in the computer lab continues to produce behavior issues, we will either block specific problematic games or shut down game playing at recess altogether.

Game playing in the lab recently has been allowed on rainy Tuesdays and Thursdays - that will NOT be the case moving forward. Appropriate games will only be allowed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - rain or shine. First person shooter style games are not allowed at any time.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Library News

Today is Dewey Decimal Day. Come in to the library and try an activity to show off how much you know about using the Dewey Decimal System. You might win a prize. There is also a new art activity on the art table for you to try.


Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code will meet today at lunch in room 17!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Library News

Today is overdue day. Please turn in your late library books so that someone else can enjoy them, too. You can renew them if you need more time. Lots of new books in the library this week. Come grab something new.


Library lost and found- Ms. Gilchrist has a black umbrella and a purple lunch bag that were left in the library yesterday. If these are yours, come on by the claim them.


Community Service Reps Meeting TODAY Thursday, Dec 6 at lunch in Room 15

Community Service Reps,

You have a meeting in Room 15 at lunch, TODAY Thursday, Dec 6.  See you there!

Ms. Fairchild

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Library News

Tomorrow is Overdue Day. Please turn in or renew your late library books before lunch on Thursday. See Ms. Gilchrist if you aren’t sure what you still have checked out.